Plastic Replacements that Can Help You Balance Your Hormones and Save Planet Earth in the Process


We found this article from the Period Girl herself, Nicole Jardim. It’s called Every Plastic Replacement You Can Think Of To Save Your Hormones & the Earth. We thought we would share it with you here.

It has a lot of interesting tips and tricks. Here’s one that’s particularly fascinating:

Last year I made it my mission to get every last bit of plastic out of my kitchen (well, really out of my life). I found Bee’s Wrap and haven’t looked back. They are the perfect replacement for plastic wrap and they work great. I wrap all my food in them (half a lemon, avocados, baked goods etc), and then wash the wraps afterwards with soap and water. Super easy way to ditch the plastic wrap and save your hormones!

For more of Nicole’s tips, give the rest of the article a quick read.

Read the source article at Nicole Jardim