Does the Keto Diet Work Well With Hashimotos?


Here’s an interesting article from the Thyroid Pharmacist. It’s called Using a Ketogenic Diet with Hashimotos.

It offers some fascinating insights. This one’s particularly thought-provoking:

I have personally seen positive outcomes in my clients and myself, through eating a lower-carbohydrate, higher-fat diet, and have heard of others seeing improvements in their thyroid health while trying a keto diet. However, I’ve also seen negative outcomes for other people, who were not my personal clients, with the keto diet. It’s important to consider that diet is not a one-size-fits-all approach to healing, and that it should be individualized to our own needs.

Give the rest of the article a read if you want to learn more…

Read the source article at DR. IZABELLA WENTZ, PHARM D