A Nuanced Look Into Menopause


We stumbled upon this insightful article from Goop and thought immediately that we would share it here. It’s called Don’t Call It Menopause: Embracing the Change.

In this Q & A session with Dr. Dominique Fradin-Read, we get to learn about her fascinating ideas. Here’s one that was thought-provoking:

Estrogen levels vary depending on where a woman is in her cycle. Normally, as women enter perimenopause, estrogen levels are around 200 to 300 picograms per milliliter. But suddenly, as menopause approaches, estrogen levels can fall to around twenty or thirty. Women can start having hot flashes at that time, and when levels go below eleven, women are typically in menopause.

For more in-depth understanding of her interesting perspectives on menopause, just give the rest of the article a read…

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